The Future of Marijuana Production in Oregon

The state of Oregon has been very active when it comes to legislation to regulate the cannabis industry. The legislators aim at putting some checks on the production of marijuana. Some of these laws include the draft rules by the state’s health authority. What are the implications of these rules?

The new rules

It is important to note that cannabis growers in this state have operated without strict regulation for over a decade. The new rules mean that there will be 24/7/365 security. Growers are also required to generate regular reports about the number of plants they have and where they take the herbs after harvest. The reports are to be delivered to the state’s health authority.

The new rules also place a limitation on the maximum number of plants that growers can have. If the herb is grown within city limits, the maximum number of plants is 12. If outside city limits, the maximum number is 48.

Unnecessary burdens

The advocates’ view is that these rules may at best just impose unnecessary and expensive burdens on growers. Worse still, they will affect patients who really need the herb to alleviate various health issues.

The rules continued

The rules further state that the Oregon health authority may inspect growing sites with over a dozen plants, or sites that sell marijuana to dispensaries or processors.

Who is the most affected?

If you are a grower who sells your herbs to dispensaries or grows for more than 2 patients, you are more likely to feel the effect of the new rules. If you grow the herb for a patient who does not live on the property, you will also feel the effect of the rules.

If you grow medical cannabis for yourself, or for one person on your property, you will face new requirements too, though there are less stringent.

Cannabis Farm Oregon

Source: CNN



The draft rules by the health authority were to be enacted on March 1st, 2016. Growers have tried to lobby the state to delay the implementation of these rules. Growers are not fully aware of the particular changes that impact them. There is not even enough time to comply.

What was the rationale?

One may wonder what prompted the health authority in Oregon to take such stringent measures against growers. There were 2 problems that that particular law sought to address:

– farmers who got multiple patient cards, allowing them to grow the herb on a large scale

– some non-residents of the state who took advantage of the program

The law was aimed at new plant limits and residency requirements. Well, maybe no one ever thought that this would end up being overly strict laws that may hurt the upcoming marijuana industry in the state.

The tug of war

The tug of war continues, with the legislators and authority taking different sides. The former says that the laws are severe while the latter defends their move. The authority’s stand is that the rules will protect growers from theft and other potential criminal activity at grow sites.

The new rules by Oregon’s health authority only call for speculation. What is the future of marijuana farming in the state? Well, only time will tell.

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Marijuana is in War with Cancer…. and its Wining!

Marijuana is in War with Cancer…. and its Wining!

Based on testimonies of countless people that you can look up on the web, marijuana is helping them to overcome this deadly disease in a rather spectacular way.

Use of medical marijuana showed us that we don’t need pharmaceutical heavy dosages of painkillers for pain to go away. Many people now use marijuana to release themselves from pain much more efficiently than with use of morphine and other similar substances. People said that not only smoking marijuana relived them from pain, but also calm them down and they felt relax.

That is what has been known so far.

As my friend who got cured with it said, marijuana is weapon of mass destruction for cancer. What he meant is that marijuana attacks cancer cell with such degree of aggression that no medicine that is currently made in any pharmaceutical lab is nearly effective as marijuana.

Oil from Cannabis sativa has been said to be really effective. Receding effect impacts not only stage 1 or 2 cancer patients, but even those of stage 3 or 4. It stops cancer cells from growth and even destroys ones that developed earlier with no side effects.

To remind ourselves, chemo therapy is causing dizziness, hair loss, vomiting, weakness and other, not very pretty stuff.

Problem is getting good oil or marijuana due to its illegal stand. Is some part of USA its legal to obtain it, like in Colorado but for most parts of country you can do some serious jail time if caught purchasing marijuana. So what to do?

People that have cancer are moving to Colorado, for example. They said, and it’s been slogan for a while: Better illegally alive, then legally dead. This is acceptable solution when it comes to USA citizens but what should other people do?

Others choose life over death and go illegal. They risk their freedom to obtain this medicine and that is most ridiculous thing of all.

We need to be free to heal ourselves with whatever we want. Just thinking to deny someone cure for their disease is crime against nature itself and to do this out of stupid reasons is even worse.

There is no side effect of using marijuana and that is a fact.

It boosts immune system, its helping patients diagnosed with MS to reduce symptoms, also helps the ones with anorexia to gain weight by enhancing their appetite. Reasons to use marijuana are many but mostly, it helps with medical purposes. It can be grown in your home, by yourself with only help of the sun and water and that is what major pharmaceutical companies are afraid of, home grown cure.

Life has no price and someone’s profit in no way can’t be reason to deny someone’s chance to save it, let alone be a reason for jail time. Earth is our planet and no law should stand between us and a chance to heal ourselves through a means on nature.

After all, we are part of the nature.

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